Blepharoplasty Is Discussed in the USA TODAY Classifieds Blog

Anyone who enjoys reading the USA TODAY Classifieds Blog has likely come across information on Blepharoplasty, which is an eyelid surgery that helps to bring back a person’s youthful eye appearance. With this procedure, lines, bags, and sagging can all be removed so a person looks much younger and feels more confident. Understanding how this procedure is carried out will allow individuals to make an informed decision on whether or not they want to pursue Blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty Uncovers Youthful Eyes

Since the eyes are one of the first things people focus on, it stands to reason this area is often seen as one of the major areas of aging. Crows feet, sagging lids, and bags under the eyes are all reasons people seek Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty uses small incisions that are placed inside the folds of the eyelid so the surgeon has access to the inner tissues. Excess skin, fat, and some muscle tissue may be removed during this procedure so the eyelids are smoother and look more youthful than before.

The process begins with the patient visiting the surgeon for a consultation. The patient’s health history and medications will be discussed to ensure they are a good candidate for Blepharoplasty. The procedure is carried out in the surgeon’s office and typically takes one to three hours, depending on the work that is being carried out during the Blepharoplasty procedure.

What Can Patients Expect From Recovery?

The recovery process is not a difficult one to endure, especially if a laser is used. The incisions are kept to a minimum and the use of ointments and eye drops help to speed up the healing process and prevent any infection from developing.

It takes about two weeks to heal so the bruising and swelling can go down and the final results begin to be uncovered. Patients need to make sure they follow all instruction from their surgeon and avoid smoking during the healing process.

If you are tired of looking old and tired because of your eyes, Blepharoplasty can make a huge difference. Research this procedure and to decide if it is right for you. Call the office for your appointment.