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US Passport Fees: What You Should Know

Are you planning a trip outside the US? Planning a trip outside the US? Travelling is a lot of fun and it’s also breathtaking and any travelling opportunity that comes your way should be grabbed. However, having a passport makes it possible for you to travel. That is why you need to acquire a passport as fast as possible. Below are the fundamental charges or fees for applying a passport or renewing one. Ensure to get acquainted with them and determine the one that suits you best.

The first classification is first- time adult application. The US government considers anyone above the age of 16 an adult. First time applicants must always apply in person through form DS-11. They will pay an application fee of $110 for the passport book and $30 for the passport card. All first time applicants are also subjected to a fee of $35 as an execution or acceptance fee. Where you want both the passport book and card, you will have to pay $140 for the application fee and $35 for the execution fee.

Adult renewal application is the other application to note. This segment or application is for all adults who are still in the US. Basically, the government requires that all renewals be done by mail through a DS-82 form. Like a new applicants, adult renewals are charged $110 for the passport book and $30 for the passport card. Applying for both at once will require that you pay the summative figure. There is no acceptance fee charged for passport renewals.

The other group or passport fee information to get acquainted with is child passport application. Children are referred to all persons under the age of sixteen. A passport agency should always see the child applying or renewing in person; all these processes demand physical presence. A child’s passport book costs $80 while their passport card costs $15. Applying for both the card and the book will necessitate a fee of $95. An acceptance fee of $35 is demanded like for the adult applications.

There is other altering and correcting services availed. Basically, these entails where a mistake was made and the information on the passport needs to be rectified or altered. Some of the reasons for altering or correcting information are name change, data error of typos. Basically the fees tends to vary from $0 all through $165.

There are other additional services availed by the passport agency. A good example of these supplementary services is the expedite application which attracts a fee of $60. Another additional service is file search and the agency charges $150.

The information availed above is just the fundamental application and renewal fees for passport books and cards. It only takes eight days to process your passport after submitting your application to a passport agency. There are opportunities availed for expediting your passport process.

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